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Our commitment to transforming healthcare in South Sudan

The Duk Lost Boys Clinic has provided hope to the people of Duk Payuel, South Sudan and the surrounding community. The clinic opened its doors in May 2007 with a mission to provide life-saving healthcare free of charge to a population with no other access to primary medical services.

In December 2013, South Sudan entered a period of civil war. The clinic was thereafter severely damaged by various armed groups. Despite the continuous threat of violence, the John Dau Foundation (JDF) has continued to provide healthcare services to the local population and those displaced by the conflict.

We are currently working with internally displaced persons at three different locations: Poktap, Ayueldit and Panyagor. We have also taken part in a mission to those islands in the Nile River where a significant population remains largely cut off from the rest of the country. This isolation is only exacerbated by regular floods caused by the six-month rainy season. However, we are pleased to be expanding our efforts to establish a more permanent presence on and around those islands.

JDF provides basic medical services to diagnose and treat common illnesses and specific medical disorders indigenous to this region. We also provide trauma care, OB/GYN services and outreach programs to further health promotion campaigns, vaccinations and community health worker training. Our extensive maternity care services help to minimize miscarriages. Additionally, the clinic provides testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

One of our most important missions is nutrition screening and therapeutic feeding programs to address severe acute malnutrition. We serve internally displayed persons who may be coming (often on foot) from tens to hundreds of miles away to escape violence. The lack of food and critical nutrition often seen in times of conflict puts children under five years old especially at risk. Children under five years old are especially endangered during times of conflict when these resources can become scarce.

Looking for more information? This report provides a detailed overview of our recent activities in South Sudan.

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