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Dr Barbara Connor is part of the heart of JDF. Starting from the beginning in 2007 , Barbara and Dr. Dave Reed have led medical missions to the clinic about 8 times. Knowledgeable about tropical diseases and emergency medicine, the clinic wouldn't be possible without her or Dr. Dave Reed.

Barbara is currently an ER physician in central NY. When working in Sudan, they see at least 100 patients a day dealing with malnutrition, parasites, and malaria. Having worked in El Salvador with Mission of Miracles, www.missionofmiracles.org, and recently doing medical work in New Zealand for 14 months, her passion shines through.

Barbara has 2 sons, one that helped build the eco dome at the clinic, Jeff.
Barbara is fully committed to this cause, to help others that get by with so little is a blessing, reminds us all to be grateful. To connect with Barbara please visit her LinkedIn.

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John Dau Sudan Foundation from Peter E Raymond on Vimeo.


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