Clinic Features:


-Four Examination Rooms

-Satellite Internet Connection

-Diesel generator, solar panels, and a wind turbine

-Staff includes two clinical officers (equivalent to Physicians' Assistants), three nurses, one midwife, a lab technologist and assistant, two pharmacists, a Nutrition Program Manager, HIV/AIDS Counselor, and Outreach Coordinator, as well as approximately ten support staff.

-Water well

-Monthly supply/medicine deliveries via airplane

-An innovative cold chain system that enables stable transportation and storage of vital vaccines, medicines, and lab reagents

-A four-wheel drive Toyota Landcrusier for conducting outreach campaigns and emergency transport of patients

"Impossible is what you choose not to do"  - John Dau

View of the Duk Lost Boys Clinic

The Duk Lost Boys Clinic opened in May 2007 to serve people of Duk Payuel in the State of Jonglei, South Sudan. By April 2011, it has provided care to more than 75,000 patients, all in an area where there are no reliable medical facilities for 75 miles and where virtually all travel is on foot. Funding is needed to support the operation of the Clinic until the government of South Sudan has the capacity to take over operations.

The Clinic provides basic medical services to diagnose and treat common illnesses and specific medical disorders indigenous to this region like malaria. The Clinic also provides trauma care, OB/GYN services, and outreach programs to conduct health promotion campaigns, vaccinations, and community health worker trainings. The presence of the Clinic in the area helps minimize the chances of miscarriages in women by providing better care before and during labor and delivery. Additionally, the Clinic provides testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.

The American Care for Sudan Foundation (ACSF) built and initially managed the Clinic. John Dau founded ACSF with other Lost Boys of Sudan and the First Presbyterian Church of Skaneateles, New York. ACSF merged with JDF as its operational wing in June of 2008. Many engineering and health professionals from Central New York have made the trip to Duk County to construct and support the Clinic.

The Duk County Commissioner and other local authorities support the Duk Lost Boys Clinic and have great respect for the services the Clinic provides. The South Sudan Ministry of Health is also supportive of the Clinic. In addition, JDF has U.S. State Department approval to send medicines and supplies to Sudan for its operations.